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It give us great honor to bring Section 4 upcoming “In No Fit State” to y’all. These three alps from Ballina hold the banner for the whest of Ireland flying high with their catchy Oi!/Ska/Reggae combo with lyrics which dulge into the social aspects of Ireland like never before dealing with topics like corrupt politicans, cut throat hash and social welfare.

Section 4 released their first album “Sure This Is It” (Get it here) last year n their own label WahShtuff and having played up and down the country for the last number of years perfecting their craft whilst also doing tours in Germany and twice in the UK.  The new album contains 10 tracks including a cover of ‘Ordinary Man’ dropped down into Section 4’s brand of Dub styled Punk. The whole CD is currently streaming on our bandcamp page or you can listen below:

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