die wrecked krass kepala split
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Die Wrecked / Krass Kepala split 7″

  • 1. Die Wrecked - Anti-Theist Anthem
  • 2. Die Wrecked - Kill [X7BN]
  • 3. Die Wrecked - Model Citizen
  • 1. Krass Kepala - Destroy Competition
  • 2. Krass Kepala - We Are Mutual
  • 3. Krass Kepala - Smash Facism
  • 4. Krass Kepala - Arogansi Agama

Die Wrecked stem from Leicester, UK and bring forth a raw punk sound with a real gritty fast sound and gang vocals played ferocious hardcore punk rock featuring members from now defunct The Lobotomies. Die Wrecked share the vinyl space with counter part from the otherside of the world in the form of Indonesian punks Krass Kepala who have a rocking hardcore punk sound with a rawness of D-Beat sound and Motorhead-esq rock vibe topped by bending guitar solos.