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  • Jobseekers – S/T 7″ Pre-Orders + Release Gigs

    Available for Pre-order on white vinyl Jobseekers – S/T 7″
    Jobseekers¬†energetic hardcore based street punk is the vehicle to deliver their lyrics through urgent and satrical styled vocals of the desolate future the Irish government has left its people in. Continue reading →

  • Jobseekers – S/T 7″s in pressing

    Jobseekers – S/T 7″ is off in pressing at the moment and should be out in July. So expect release gig in Dublin and other dates around Ireland and else where from Jobseekers. We also have upload the artwork from the Jobseekers 7″ which was done by the very talented Sean Fitzgerald which is featured below. Continue reading →

  • Jobseekers new Video

    Jobseekers have released an official video for the track ‘Countdown to Landfill’ which is now available to watch on Youtube or if you don’t want to go searching just scroll down to watch the video. Continue reading →

Colin – Vocals/Guitar
Mark – Bass/Vocals
Diarmud – Guitar
Gary – Drums
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