New Release announcing Section 4


It give us great honor to bring Section 4 upcoming “In No Fit State” to y’all. These three alps from Ballina hold the banner for the whest of Ireland flying high with their catchy Oi!/Ska/Reggae combo with lyrics which dulge into the social aspects of Ireland like never before dealing with topics like corrupt politicans, cut throat hash and social welfare. Read more

Jobseekers – S/T 7″ Pre-Orders + Release Gigs


Available for Pre-order on white vinyl Jobseekers – S/T 7″
Jobseekers energetic hardcore based street punk is the vehicle to deliver their lyrics through urgent and satrical styled vocals of the desolate future the Irish government has left its people in. Read more

Jobseekers – S/T 7″s in pressing

JObseekers cover

Jobseekers – S/T 7″ is off in pressing at the moment and should be out in July. So expect release gig in Dublin and other dates around Ireland and else where from Jobseekers. We also have upload the artwork from the Jobseekers 7″ which was done by the very talented Sean Fitzgerald which is featured below. Read more

Empty Lungs to FEST 13 in Florida


We are delighted to hear the news that EMPTY LUNGS have been invited over to play their first ever show in the US at FEST 13 Read more

Empty Lungs Irish Tour/Release Gig

emptylungs tour

So to coincide with the release of the Empty Lungs –  ‘FROM RUSSIA WITH A LACK OF LOVE/CABIN FEVER’ 7″ the guys will be doing a short 4 day tour with their buddies from the UK, Bangers who sound awesome and I am looking forward to catching one of the gigs. Read more

Jobseekers new Video


Jobseekers have released an official video for the track ‘Countdown to Landfill’ which is now available to watch on Youtube or if you don’t want to go searching just scroll down to watch the video. Read more

Empty Lungs 7″ EP to be released on Jobsworth Rec.


Empty Lungs have really taken the Irish Punk rock scene by storm through a lot of hard work and catchy melodic choruses thus it gives Jobsworth Records an honour to help the lads out in releasing their debut 7″ vinyl. Read more

First Releases: Die Wrecked / Krass Kepala split 7″


So its time to kick off this label which was supposedly launched about a year ago, I guess when we first did the website and it just there until now :
Let us introduce the first release of hopefully many more to come
Die Wrecked / Krass Kepala split 7″
Die Wrecked stem from Leicester, UK Read more

Have Your Say:

Have Your Say Help Us Run Jobsworth Rec. the way you want. We have a created a small series of questions that you can tick boxes to let us know what you would like to see come from Jobsworth Records to help us run it the way you would like to see the label ran. We will get your answer from these polls and create the label you want

It will just take two minutes to do and although some of the questions are basic we would love to hear what you think. Hopefully we will create a number of these polls over time

Click here to fill out the Polls

Distributed Titles

Distributed Titles have been added to webshop mainly some vinyl and CDs as to create a small distro as to help generate funds to pay for upcoming releases.

These distributed titles are all from Distro-y records/distro.  The plan is to keep a small distro that only deals with Punk/Ska/Oi and when releases started being pressed introduced Jobsworth releases into the webshop. So check it out and see what is available currently

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